Skin Rejuvenation


Holistic Skin Care [facial and skin rejuvenation] is a regimen that recognizes that your skin is not just the outermost layer of your body it’s also a reflection of your body’s internal state. Rather than just treating the surface symptoms, such as wrinkles, sallow skin, acne, dry flakes, and so on, holistic skin care aims to target the root problems in an effort to revitalize and rejuvenate the entire body. As a result, you don’t just see an improved appearance; you also feel more energized, clear-headed, and physically fit.

Prescription Drugs Vs. Homeopathic Treatments


Holistic skin care sometimes gets a negative reputation from mainstreamers who prefer to prescribe drugs for virtually every condition they encounter. The trouble is, most prescription medications and medical fixes have isolated effects, failing to take the whole picture into account.
Would you keep taking dangerous antibiotics for your acne when simply sloughing your legs and arms with a loofah could dramatically improve your complexion? (And did you know that taking antibiotics can actually throw your whole system out of whack, killing off the good bacteria that are essential to digestion ultimately clogging up your elimination system and worsening your complexion?
Avoid excessive sugars, white flour and processed items, which trigger dangerous inflammation. Junk foods and fast foods are a big no-no. Limit your intake of meat, which essentially rots inside your gut; instead, choose plenty of veggies and fruits they will help sweep out your colon, improving absorption of nutrients and boosting your energy levels.
homeopathic skin rejuvenation

The Bio Integrative Approach to Holistic Skin Care

Anti Gravity Treatment

Micro current therapy which reeducates facial muscles to lift and tone, smooth away lines and wrinkles, visible results in just one session.


Electrotherapy penetrates 100% active vitamins further into the skin and deeply cleanses without steam. Your skin is left moisturized, toned and glowing!


A unique regenerative appliance with a special and innovative optical unit and a large light-emitting surface, producing higher quantities of concentrated and invigorating polarized light that is difficult to access in nature.

Dr. Ibarra  offers a facial rejuvenation program using state of the art technology which delivers nearly magical results.  People are raving about this exciting, non-invasive, face lift and toning method, and the results achieved are truly impressive!